Join Films Academy Overview

Joinfilms Academy, launched in 2014, is the brainchild of Virendra Rathore who was awarded by Bollywood film industry in the category of best trainer - film academy in 2018 by Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award . Virendra Rathore is the principal trainer and mentor in joinfilms academy that is presently the most genuine and contemporary film school with practical and job oriented training programs in Mumbai dedicated to films,TV & media industry skills.From film making, screen writing, cinematography, Digital Editing, Documentary or corporate film making, film producing to performing arts like acting, singing & Voice acting. Joinfilms not only specialises in providing all the skills necessary to make successful career in all these professions in the media industry but also provides a platform to new and fresher aspiring artists & technicians in joinfilms productions Youtube channel.

JOIN FILMS ONLINE COURSES :  Here online course means that if you buy/purchase these online course then they will send the course in the form of CD to your address and you have to pay online.

Practical Camera Acting Online Video Course : Become a professional Bollywood actor without spending extra cost and time in acting classes. This unique and first of its kind online video course in Hindi with detailed chapters and practical acting exercises is designed to make it convenient for everyone to learn acting from anywhere at anytime.

Practical Cinematography Online Video Course : Get started with the preliminary know how camera work, cinematography techniques to become bollywood cinematographer. Learn how to get the actual look of cinema filming, and how to make effective utilization of a large variety of lenses and equipment, which are used for feature film cinematography.

Script Writting Online Video Course : This unique and first of its kind online video course in hindi is designed to teach any kind of writer the fundamentals of professional script writting for Indian films & producers. Easy to follow and learn this online tutorial will help you master the art & craft of film script writing.

Online Singing Video Course : Like other musical practices, singing involves a number of different genres and techniques. Whether you need a new kind of vocal warm up and training, or want help regarding auditions and career in singing, this is the course for you to access from anywhere.



Audition Selection Workshop : Audition is must for all performing artists to start working in their dream career whether acting, singing or dancing. Audition will help you in not only displaying your talent and skills but also in practising and getting feedback on your art. Mastering audition helps you in getting selected in any kind of media projects you want to work and also do networking in film industry. So, joinfilms provides you the best program available for learning the tricks of cracking the auditions and getting selected. Benefits of this workshop are :

  • Being at the right place at the right time - how to get correct audition info and avoid fake auditions
  • This workshop is must for actors as it will save your lakhs getting wasted in struggle
  • Techniques to give proper audition and getting selected 
  • Understanding audition and casting procedure of film industry
  • Process of dealing with fake auditions
  • Memorising audition script in less time and emotional mapping
  • Understanding networking in film industry
  • Know how to give proper intro and self audition
  • Get your professional audition link made under virendra Rathore guidance
  • Get contact details of Director/producer/casting director and coordinators
Workshop Venue : Joinfilms Academy, 107/108 Kuber Complex, OPP Laxmi Industrial Area Link Road, Andheri west, Mumbai

Trainer : Virender Rathore (joinfilms mentor & director)

Training Methodology : 100% practical training & Job oriented

Who Should Attend : Working/Non - working actors, theatre artists, anchors, students & anyone else with the passion for acting in films

Workshop Duration : 3 days full time

Timing : 12 PM - 5 PM (weekends)

Fee : 6000 /- with GST

For detailed information

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Dubbing & Voice Acting Workshop : Presently, dubbing and voice artists are extensively required in media industry due to global audience of feature films, TV shows, animation films, web series, web films and short films while advertising, documentary, process or corporate films are still incomplete without effective voice narration. Your knowledge of languages, any of them from regional to foreign languages,and a combination of your voice talent will help you make a highly paid and enjoyable career. 

Benefits of this workshop are :

  • Identify your voice talent 
  • understand voice recording and microphone handling
  • Learn lip syncing with visuals
  • Voice and tone modulation in dubbing studio
  • Record your voice samples
  • Get the contact details of dubbing studios
  • Positioning yourself and start working as dubbing artist
Workshop Venue : Aradhana Studio, 194, Arvind Chambers, Sai Service Compound, Andheri East, Mumai - 400069, Off Western Express Highway
Trainer : Ashim Samanta, Ashok Bakshi & Virendra Rathore
Training Methodology : 100% practical training & Job oriented
Who should attend : Working or non working actors, Theatre artists, Radio or video jockey's, even singers and everyone else with a passion for voice acting.  
Workshop Duration : 4 Days
Timing : 1 PM  - 5PM (weekends)
Fee : 8000 /- with GST
For detailed information : 
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Lyrics Writing Workshops : If you have a passion for writing songs, it is important to know that poetry is not a timepass of wothless slackers rather it is an amazing profession worth required in media industry pursuing and in high demand due to rise in music production in all languages including regional and local dialects. However, writing a song with unforgetable melodies and creative lyrics can be challenging particularly when it has to be done on demand, around a scenario, character, mood of the film and music already created. Joinfilms brings you the best program for aspiring poets or song writers to learn how to get started in song writing, creating a hook and then writing in the flow of music or melody.

Benefits of this workshop are :

  • Basics of writing lyrics in bollywood movies and albums.
  • Writing songs based on the story line, characterization and according to the situation in the film.
  • Prevalent song writing styles in different genres in the hindi film industry.
  • Understanding meter and composition of music
  • Training by an industry expert in lyrics writing thus you learn more in short period of time.
  • Get feedback on your songs, clarify your doubts and know the essential of professional lyrics writting.
Workshop Venue : Joinfilms Academy, 107/108 Kuber Complex, OPP Laxmi Industrial Area Link Road, Andheri west, Mumbai

Trainer : Ibrahim Ashq

Training Methodology : 100% practical training & Job oriented

Who should attend : Song writers, poets, aspiring bollywood writers, rappers and anyone with a passion in expression through poetry.

Workshop Duration : 3 Days

Timing : 2 PM - 5 PM (weekends)

Fee : 8000 /- with GST

For detailed information :

  • Call : 8433666618
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  • Mail :
Professional Singing Workshop : Many singers aspire to crack or win singing TV reality shows or make carrer in singing by becomig popular on social media platforms. The immense talent that forever remained untapped in the obscure corners of the country finally has the opportunity to come into the limelight through these TV shows or even through social media. However we often see teary eyed contestants getting dropped in auditions or initial rounds not due to lack of talents and then complaints of foul play but is it really the issue or the poor staging skills. Today's singers require to be better groomed than those from yesteryears in the nuances of singing and presentation, especially for a spirited performance. Expert's advice or training is always handy after all opportunities are like sunrise or bubbles in water.

Benefits of this workshop are :

  • Basic singing 
  • Understanding playback singing 
  • Taal & Sur Knowlwdge
  • Know your voice quality & pitch
  • Your genre - and all genre
  • Classical, semi classical or light music
  • How to crack the audition
  • Performance, body laguage, expression & style
  • Voice throw and techniques
  • Micellaneous singing 
  • How to handle pressure & success
  • Selection of song 
  • Career in singing
Workshop Venue :  Joinfilms Academy, 107/108 Kuber Complex, OPP Laxmi Industrial Area Link Road, Andheri west, Mumbai

Trainer : Pradeep Pandit

Training Methodology : 100 % Practical & Job oriented 

Who should attend : Singing Enthusiasts, Local stage performer, song creator on social media & apps and anyone who has a passion for working as singer in film industry

Workshop Duration : 4 Days

Timing : 2 PM - 5 PM (Mon - Thurs)

Fee : 8000/- with GST

for detailed information

  • Call : 8433666618
  • Whatsapp : 8433966622
  • Mail ;
Script pitch & Narration workshop : Writers with great scripts are wasting millions of currency in unnecessary struggle not because industry doesn't want good scripts but because writers don't know how to approach a production house to sell or position script correctly. Even if they are able to draw the attention of a production company they fail when they do not handle meetingof narration effectively. So, join films provides you the best possible solution to end the troubles of talented writers as they will learn from industry experts how to make a sales pitch for a script and narrate the script in film production company.

Benefits of this workshop are :

  • Pitching and positioning your script correctly in film industry, know the procedure of sending your script to production houses
  • creating one liner, synopsis and presentation that leaves impact and being at the right place at the right time
  • Learn to narrate your script in a way that it gets selected 
  • Understanding networking in film industry
  • Contacting production house/producer/director/actor with a film script
  • Planning writing career to become a working writer in films with important information about mumbai film industry
  • Get contact details of film production houses 

Workshop Venue : Joinfilms Academy, 107/108 Kuber Complex, OPP Laxmi Industrial Area Link Road, Andheri west, Mumbai

Training Methodology : 100 % Practical & Job oriented 

Who should Attend : Working or non working Actors, Theatre artists, anchors, students and everyone else who is passionate for acting.

Workshop Duration : 4 Days

Timing :  12 PM - 3 PM (weekends)

Fee : 8000 /- with GST

For detailed information

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  • Whatsapp : 8433966622
  • Mail :

Practical Courses

Practical Advance Editing Course : In almost all creative expression such as visual storytelling, video making or photo content creation, editing is must making it indispensable to film making. Even if you aspire to be Director, Camera operator, DOP or film producer learning the art of post production is a requirement. Editing is also an influential standalone career in film industry as it is essential to creatively structure any film or cinematic work. These days editors are in more demand as they are required everywhere from internet to advertising to films to television to radio to web based content and more. This unique and first of its kind practical advanced editing course is designed to teach the fundamentals of professional editing while strengthing your editing sense with latest softwares and techniques which will position you correctly in the film industry. It will help you kick start your job as video editor

Course Content 

  • Foundational training on the art of video editing with top industry video editing programs like final cut pro (FCP), adobe premier pro and after effects.
  • Understanding storytelling, transition and working with time lines including offline/online editing.
  • Learn film theory; covering variety of modern editing techniques as well as the aesthetics of narrative in different types of films such as short films, corporate videos, training videos, TV serial episode, video album, feature film, comedy and documentary.
  • Analysis of films scene by scene, shot by shot with illustrations and for practice, students will be assigned editing exercise in real projects to ensures that they apply and achieve what they have learned in class.
  • Learn to edit while working on variety of real projects including films, shorts, music video, Ad films, short video, documentaries, corporate films and other projects. Students will present their editing works for comments by experts.
  • Understanding special effects in editing. Not only learn editing tools but also understand why and how to use them in different projects.
  • For the full six months you will have fully equipped editing stations to complete your practical training. You'll will not get lost in an overcrowded classroom with no facility to do your own experiments on the system.
Highlights of the course

  • Create your demo real - construct your reel from in class work on scenes from actual films and projects to represent your talent and get your foot in the door.
  • Showcase your talent on joinfilms youtube channel - Access to our exclusive youtube channel group for career/technical advice and job opportunities. Get credit for your work on joinfilms channel. Also get contact information for potential employers.
  • Jump start your job search : Joinfilms will connect you to post production companies with reference and you will be given the opportunity to apply for a paid editorial internship. Many of our students are currently working as editors, assitant editors and paid internship.
  • Not just a class for editors : This class is suitable for directors, DOP's, producers looking to learn the art of storytelling as an editor.
  • Resume & cover letters : We help you craft a professional resume & cover letter specially for the post production industry. You'll work and learn from working editors, share your edits and get feedback for your future growth. Get inetrnship, work experience and proper certification.
  • Discounts : Special discounts for winners on joinfilms youtube channel and contests run by joinfilms.
  • Location : Currently located in the heart of mumbai film industry, with easy access from anywhere in the city.

Who should join : Aspiring editors, post production enthusiasts,graphic designers, VFX creators, new film makers and camera operators who want to enhance their knowledge, independent film makers and everyone else whose passion is post production.

Course Duration : 6 Months

Training Methodology : 100% Practical Training and job oriented

Fee: 80,000 /-

For more details

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  • Mail :
Practical Camera Acting Course : Becoming a new age actor who can do switch on/off acting without any camera fear with the most innovative and revolutionary program to learn acting for camera and films. Easy and doable methods that can make anyone who dreams of being an actor, a confident and successful actor in film industry.

Course Content

  • Practical oriented program with regular on camera training from the start of the course.
  • Show time award contest to make you confident in performing on camera and in front of a large audience.
  • Audition training and assistance for real acting jobs during the course
  • Guranteed work in joinfilms shorts, web series or films and get a work link to share and you'll will never a call a fresher.
  • Free acting practice online program to keep up to date about acting from a home
  • Acting audition selection workshop to stand out in auditions
  • Stay in touch with joinfilms through personal guidance and follow up classes after the course
Who should Join : working or non working actors, theatre artists, anchors, students and everyone else with a passion for acting in films .

Course duration : 3 Months (MON - FRI)

Training Methodology : 100% practical training & job oriented

Fee : 75000 /-

For more details :

  • Call : 8433666618
  • Whatsapp : 8433966622
  • Mail :
Practical Cinematography Course : Cinematography or being a camera operator is now a professional career option due to over expanding film, media and video making industry creating high need of camera technicians. This demand for cinematographers is projected to increase even more in near future due to a globalized growth of entertaiment industry.
Course content
  • Introduction of cinematography - Basic to type of digital film making, special cinematography and cinema projection. Visual storytelling and camera techniques in film making
  • The camera - Learn to operate professionally used camera for video making DSLR 5D Canon and film making red camera with practical tips for camera techniques.
  • Camera types and its accessories : Understanding all the available tools and techniques while handling camera, creating camera angle, camera movement, lenses and taking shots with various camera test and different types of film cameras.
  • Lighting : Film lighting methods, techniques and aesthetics
  • Composition and types of shots : scene composition, size of a shot and working with the entire film crew.
  • Concepts of Editing : Transitional devices, sound effects and use of special effects during internship in shorts and video production
Highlight of this course 
  • Learning professional camera work, improving know how of cinematography while getting experience of shooting with film cameras
  • This course has hands - on camera practice with film making cameras
  • Understanding the working of DSLR cameras and get the actual look of cinema filming
  • Learn effective utilization and specialties of a large variety of lenses and equipments
  • There is one camera assigned per 3 students for practising and shooting
  • You'll also create show reel and get reference plus placement assistance to start working as camera person
Who should join : Aspiring directors, camera enthusiasts, new assitant directors and camera operators, independent film makers and everyone else whose passion is camera.
Course Duration : 2 Months
Training Methodology : 100% practical training & job oriented
Fee : 25000 /-

For more details :

  • Call : 8433666618
  • Whatsapp : 8433966622
  • Mail :
Practical Film making course : A film director is a person who tranforms fantastic ideas and imagination into reality on screen and tells stories through visuals. To understand all the working of filmmaking, it is important to develop your creative technological skills, learn the craft and the bussiness only with practical knowledge and experience. If you also dream of lighting up the screen with creativity and artistics signature, takes stories from scripts to the big screens, aspire to be at the focal point of filmmaking and get into heart of making films and television shows, then practical film making course is perfect for you.
Course Content
  • Fundamentals of directing a film : Skills and competencies that you acquire are diversified and cross discliplinary including understanding film as bussiness, production budget and planing release on modern platforms as soon as you start making the film and realizing film as goal.
  • Script analysis & creative writing : Researching, writing, developing and implementing the film script is the most fundamental tasks of the director. Understanding visual storytelling and using camera as a storytelling tool, will be put into practice in pre visualizing a scene that students write. Develop your ideas into a properly structured shooting script.
  • Understanding evolving filmmaking formats : Going through all the three stages of pre - production, production and post production processess of making a short film helps you understand changing technologies and relation between stages creativity and practically.
  • Production Plan : The director's conception of the visuals, emotions and the impact of the film is achieved with collaborative work of production team. Knowledge of creative and technical area is indespensable in order to work comfortably with equipments, digital camera, sound, editing software's and post production at eye level. 
  • Shoot, staging, blocking, image resolution : Under the supervision of trainer students direct their film in a practical shoot covering important topics such as blocking action and maximizing use of location. Not only selecting the right team but the key success factor of directorial work is the ability to lead, mobilize and motivate the actors, the crew and experts.
  • Specialized topics in direction : Use of sound, pace, point of view and post production techniques further enhance storytelling during editing during the final creative stage.
Highlights of the course
  • A unique course specially designed for independent filmmakers. you'll get into the nitty - gritty of independent filmmaking from day 1 and you'll also start making your own film. By the end of the course, you'll will have not only learnt every aspect of filmmaking but have a also directed your first and very own short film.
  • classes are taught by most experience film and TV professionals of hindi film industry, in real world environment with practical exeperience, excellent facilities and equipments that can tranform film production into a great experience. The unique oppotunity will hone your filmmaking skills, develop and bring your scripts to life in a finished film.
  • Practice and training for the job is at the heart of joinfilms teaching methodology.Throughout your course, you will gain several practical experiences on sets of TV shows and film projects where you will watch and learn from working professionals.
  • During your internship, you will have the chance to work right at the centre of the action in film production company to further enhance your professional and creative skills.
  • In joinfims students also take part in national and international film festivals, also win prizes and funding. In any case, you will have the chance to showcase your films on joinfilms youtube channel.
  • Joinfilms is a popular youtube channel showcasing people from Indian film industry, you will benefit from worldwide networking opportunities during your study.
  • At joinfilms, you'll be empowered to widen your network in film industry as you will spend time at several TV and filmmaking sets. During this period , you will make valuable contacts , gain experience of working environment on sets and perhaps make friends for life. Visiting sets is often the highlight this course as it is an adventurous time when you grow personally and learn about work life and mentalities.
Who should join : Aspiring directors and producers, new assitant directors, new film makers and independent film makers.
Course duration : 6 Months
Training Methodology : 100% practical training & job oriented
Fee : 80,000/-
For more information
  • Call : 8433666618
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  • Mail :
Practical Playback Singing Course : It's very challenging to be a playback singer in bollywood. When you go to the studio, you don't konw what's going to hit you and that's scary. One day you are aasked to sing a love song and next day a rock song in really  high pitch. Somebody else makes a song and then you are invited to sing that song. That's challenging because a music director lives with a song and as a singer, you are supposed to walk in, give the songs two hours, sing it and feel exactly the same kind of passion as the composer "Mohit chauhan" popular playback singer in bollywood. Although singing isn't the most difficult skill and may come to anyone naturally but it's definately complex when it's comes to become a professional playback singer. sometimes you can surely create beautiful vocals with little practice or efforts, however you also need to master correct diction, breath control, stage presence, posture and other more important techniques. Nevertheless, don't be discouraged as with right guidance anyone can learn to be a playback singer. Whether you have a musical background or not, but if singing is your passion, it is possible for you to make fun and exciting career in playback singing.
Course Content 
  • Voice impeovement, tonality and breathing exercise
  • Advance level of singing and ubderstanding resonance
  • Diction, pronunciation, accent and speech correction
  • Techncalities of playback singing or stage performance
  • Microphone Handling in playback or on stage
  • Emotional mapping, Understanding mood and characterization in song
  • Preparations for auditions
Highlights of the course 
  • More opportunities fo singer now - Understanding all of them
  • Learn playback singing for films
  • Knowing the trick to crack the reality show auditions
  • Learn music director approach in playback singing 
  • Self promotion -  launch yourself as singer digitally on joinfilms youtube channel
  • Mastering presentation and performance on stage
  • Online course to practise singing at home 
  • Every students will get original video and audio track with studio recording
  • Contact details of music industry people, so that you can share your original track with music director and producer.
Who should join : singing enthusiasts, local stage performers, song creators on apps and social media and everyone who has a passion for working as singer in film industry.
Course duration: 6 Months
Training Methodology: 100% practical training & job oriented
Fee: 75,000/-
For more information
  • Call : 8433666618
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  • Mail :
Practical Screenwriting Course : Many of us have a passion for reading and writing the stories but did you realize that it's possible to make career from this talent ? By learning and putting some efforts you can convert your written stories into scripts which gets turned into film. These days writers are in more demand as they are required everywhere from internet to advertising to films to television to radio to web based content and more.This unique and first of its kind practical screenwriring course is designed to teach fundmentals of professional script writing from the point of view of indian film making and script writing. with joinfilms strengthen your writing and learn latest structure and techniques which will position you correctly in the film industry and will help you sell your script. If you have passion and active interest in writing and want to make it your career  path, then here is the best program for you.
Course Content 
  • Screenwriting explained in terms of visuals nature of movies. Generating ideas to be represented as visuals, forming a premise, developing characters, creating dramatic stratgies and scenes of your choice and understanding screenplay as blueprint.
  • creating plot, sub plot, an effective opening section, techniques for sustaining and creating an effective climax and flashbacks while also developing tone through genre and environment with lightness/darkness.
  • Understanding consistency and theme while weaving theme into a story.
  • Writing effective screenplay description, defining scenes and understanding tenets of a good sequence and scenes including its importance, desire/conflict, visual storytelling, scene structure and compression.
  • Dialogue writing that includes creating illusion of reality and characterization, subtext, exposition, performance directions and voice over.
Highlight of the course
  • A group less than 10 students with film industry experienced faculties that conducts example based as well as practically minded lectures.
  • Developing your own unique storytelling technique while becoming aware of different writing techniques and understanding case studies.
  • Doing in depth research or study to create and write stories that engage the audience fully.
  • Classes majorly focused on constructing an innovative, strong, fulfilling and engaging script for the audience that will also work well on the set too.
  • Understanding story pitching and narration : creating pitches for production houses, studios, producers, and representation. Getting your pitch to players in the industry and narrating scripts to the producers.
  • Understanding life of screen writer, increasing your knowledge about essentials of writing for a particular segment and know about script writers relationship with the director and producers.
  • After the course you will have the opportunity to work with diectors or producers in joinfilms or leading production houses with our guidance.
  • Online video course to continue learning and making yourself effective and best even after the course is completed.
  • The entire course is both in Hindi and English for the understanding of local Indian writers in every corner of the country.
Who should join: Aspiring writers, story tellers, story creators, independent film makers, and everyone else whose passion is writing and telling stories through films.
Course Duration : 2 Months
Training Methodology: 100% Practical training & job oriented
Fee: 65000/-
For more information
  • Call : 8433666618
  • Whatsapp : 8433966622
  • Mail :
Practical Voice Acting Course : If you are keen on taking up a job that is unusual and fun then you could think of becoming voice artist also referred as dubbing artist. If you have a good voice and if you get applauds for the way you speak, and you are willing to learn more. Joinfilms is best voice training centre in Mumbai and well known for the good teaching at the most reasonable price with career guidance. 
Course Content 
  • Voice improvement and modulation
  • Tonality and breathing techniques
  • Diction, pronunciation and language correction
  • Speech correction, development and accentual patterns
  • Technalities of dubbing, microphone handling and lip sync
  • Emotional mapping and marking in script
  • Understanding VO or dubbing script
Highlights of course 
  • How to make career in voice industry
  • Voice over in TV, Films, Advertisements, Radio, Documentaries, corporate films etc.
  • Understanding VO, Narration, Dubbing in films and TV
  • Presentation in anchoring or radio shows
  • Dealing with fear of stage and performance
  • Visit and also recording in professional studios
  • Understanding VO and Demo recording software
  • Professionally recorded voice sample and show reel
Who should join : Working or non working actors, theatre artists, anchors, students and everyone else with the passion for acting 
Course Duration : 1 Month
Training Methodology: 100% Practical Training
Fee: 10000 /-
For more information
  • Call : 8433666618
  • Whatsapp : 8433966622
  • Mail :
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